ELKOR Hire-purchase

With ELKOR hire-purchase, you can pay for the purchase for a longer period in instalments using ESTO. Purchase your product and pay over time with ESTO UAB– the most low-cost and user-friendly installment loan in Lithuania! ESTO leasing offers easy financing – without a catch. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees, so the total you see at checkout is always what you’ll actually pay.

Using ESTO leasing at checkout is extremely simple, convenient and fast:

  • Just select suitable period and insert your contact details for a real-time decision;
  • The response to your hire-purchase request will arrive in minutes;
  • You have the opportunity to have a grace period;
  • You complete the purchase with digital signing (Mobile-ID, Smart-ID or Banklink). Simple as that!

ESTO leasing conditions:

  • Credit amount up to 10 000 EUR;
  • The length of the contract up to 48 months;
  • You must be 18-70 years old and have a Lithuanian citizenship.
ELKOR hire-purchase

Installment loan is provided by ESTO UAB. The installment loan is a financial obligation. Please assess your financial position and think about whether you really need the loan before you submit the application, so you can be sure that you are able to repay the loan in a timely manner. For example, your order amount is 300 EUR, contract’s term 12 months, annual interest rate is 9.9%, contract fee 0 EUR, BVKKMN – 10.35%. Client’s total payable amount is 329.76 EUR, monthly installment – 27.48 EUR.

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